Sound Quality In Question (The New York Times)


American journalist Joseph Plambeck just wrote an article titled In Mobile Age Sound Quality Steps Back in The New York Times. He says that sound quality is getting bader and bader and explains why. From new sound engineering proccess to online music distributors such as iTunes, the whole music chain is today treated to sound better on an iPod than on High Fidelity speakers. As a matter of fact, many songs that you like on your computer are sometimes disapointing on good sound systems. Sound engineers are saying that they have to compress the sound as loud as other productions to be at the same level, it almost became a competition!

Fortunately, some companies are doing things well such as Qobuz or Beatport which allows to download music in loseless or wave format. As a sound engineer myself living at the mobile and digital era, I am trying to share music in the best conditions with people. From the digital file source to the sound system and the sound card, each component is important to restore music with passion and fidelity matters.

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